Monday Motivation- Find your zone of genius!

Happy Monday,

“Life is not a zero-sum game.  There’s room for everyone.   I love seeing other people doing their thing, operating in their zone of genius, and learning from them.  It’s a great time to be alive.  The possibilities are endless”

Dr. Shante Cofield

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Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

PS- I would like to make a special mention today!   I like so many others have been saddened of recent news regarding the children found at an indigenous school in Canada-my heart goes out to those directly affected.   If you remember the singer from Tragically Hip who passed away in recent years- Gord Downie.    I could not take my eyes off him as a performer, he was memorizing.  Gord had many things he was passionate about, and although I did not know him personally, this book “Secret Path” has been in our library.   He wrote music for the publication while Jeff Lemire did the illustrations.   “The Secret Path”….. published years ago introduces you to a boy named Chanie Wenjack, and speaks to the work the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) has been working on.


EN-DOWNIE-NEWRELEASE9 Cover Art: Secret Path, for Chanie Wenjack. By Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire