Monday Motivation- The Fixing Challenge

Brilliant documentary on real life hope- feeling of expectation and knowing something can change with perseverance and connection.

Choices of surviving, achieving goals and reversing severe progressing Health conditions.

If you need inspiration, and looking at your own state of health-needing a change.  I hope this inspires you.

Let’s eliminate medication first approach and take control of our metabolic health well before!

Reach out to me, if you are looking for your first steps and approach to living Your Best Life:-)

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

Lifestyle Coach, Diabetes Exercise Specialist

Your Best Life


PS- Today’s water workout- I did not go far but the conditions were that of an intense workout that raised my Blood Glucose because I was recruiting so much muscle and dynamic body motion with elevated heart rate.  BG lowers again to 4.9 mmol/l within 2 hours.