As I create these posts to share and hopefully inspire- I want it to be known the intent is to get an audience of people to really think about putting themselves first- simply put if you run your tank dry you will not have the fuel to give your best self to others who matter to you and to achieving your awesome goals.   If you have a chronic illness or if you don’t and simply want a better lifestyle,  my topics are designed to be thought generators.  Live Blue Consulting’s Mission statement is “Live Your Best Life”.

Covid had been very taxing on many people, from our children to elderly,  our elderly population suffered more loneliness than ever should be endured.   We all need to dig deep, find the things that help motivate us to bring our best self to the world!

I have a favourite book “Mountains beyond Mountains”.   Dr. Paul Farmers fight to gain  control of AIDS and TB for the people of Haiti.

If you are a reader,  this book represents the core foundation of Motivation.   I was having a discussion with a member of the World Health Organization – who was presenting at Memorial University in NFLD,  we had both just finished our morning workout and talked about how early mornings gave us the motivation to think more clear,  that was 10 years ago and the same applies today for me.

If you need help with motivation,  I am happy to give you a no charge consultation with some  helpful advise and tell you about my programs.


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