Motivators- Who are yours?

Do you set yourself goals?  If so,  do you also make a list of the motivators and possible obstructions that may occur?

This is equally as important as the goal setting- because these motivators will put gas in your engine and help you get to the finish line.

My motivator to beat my running time this morning was my dog…..Ever try keeping up with a Husky…

I am sure Lewis Hamilton who drives for Mercedes  in F1 or Max Verstappen who is Honda Red Bull have motivators front and centre right now as they finish off their season in the next few races.

My point here is – if we set goals-it is equally important to set a motivator list and know how to reach out to these resources and let them know the important role they have in your life.

I had an awesome experience this week- it was my first paddle in warm wind and snow.  It was an epic day, very few and far between do you get a day like that…   and today my trusty canine helped me better my time by over a minute on a 5k.  I did not say these motivators need to be Human:-)

I now also work with young children more regularly.  In the basketball court yesterday a brother and sister were playing,  they are about 4 years apart in age.  The boy missed the basketball net about 4 times and began to cry- he is pre-primary and very small,  his sister much taller wiped his tears off, picked him up to put him closer to the net and he scored his basket……..

Happy Friday,

PS Have a fabulous weekend and if you are a F1 FAN hang on tight its getting good.     Lewis was clearly the man of the season last weekend- sorry that’s just my opinion.  They all are very skilled and Max will not let this go without a fight.

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Danielle Pointon