Movement for Mom’s- Fundraiser- LLSC Society of Canada

Happy Mother’s Day- To honour all Mom’s that are living today with a blood cancer or have lost their courageous battle, today we launch Movement for Mom’s for LLSC foundation. The most treasured gift all our mother’s gave to us is our heartbeat- we owe it to them to keep our’s healthy and strong. Every dollar donated will go to “Minutes for Mom”. When you no longer walk or need help-we will walk, run, garden, play, swim you name it , it’s for you. Movement for Mom’s will run through to Aug 3rd and minutes for the movement will be tracked through GoGet.Fit.  Attached is more about our story, that all too many share.
This is a picture of our last Beach Walk!  Today started the exact same way with wonderful memories:-)
Happy Mother’s Day!  A great day for Gratitude……