Physical Activity with Children- Starting Simple

Happy Friday!

For those who follow my lifestyle blog- I have had a tremendous opportunity to get to know/teach and play with 25 children on a daily basis for several months.

Let it be said their energy, smiles and uniqueness in personality is always interesting and makes me laugh and smile.
I see why teachers get great satisfaction from these interactions.   I think it was the movie Forest Gump- where he articulates “Life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are going to get”!   Much is similar when getting to know each child.

One of my passions is being active with children!   Coaching or teaching a gym class is one thing but having the children invite you into their circle to play is a different experience.   Example: yesterday I challenged the children to create a survivor base camp- giving them a tent and supplies to figure out what needed to be done.   It was quite the learning experience for me-right away one child stepped up and rallied the team- off they went.  Tent up, fire built, food supplies collected and appointed guards to fend off any zombies.    The kids gave me direction,  medic it was to wrap the battle wounds.

I have completely digressed here, but the moral is, we have so much we can learn from how children decide to be physically active.

I introduced physical activity sticker charts where the goal is to get 45 minutes of activity daily.  It works as a good encouragement tool and discussion point on the benefits of being active.

The earlier we start these habits – the more it becomes regular thought process.  As a reminder-check out BOKS Canada for great activity resources.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting