Power in sharing your stories

Happy Thursday,

The power of sharing our stories can help others in a big way!   In the last week I became somewhat of a magnet for people sharing their life stories with me and quite honestly one thing I could see in their face when they talked to me, was comfort.  I believe (and I may be naive) people are looking for others to listen and relate.  For example:

  1.  At the bus stop on a journey to Toronto this week- an older lady looked at me, I could see she was headed South (well the beach bag gave it away).  I asked her if she was headed to warmer climates.  She said “yes”.    It was her first time!   A strange thing,  I could see she was a bit sad.  As it turned out, it was her first time travelling anywhere without her life partner of 40 years, she lost him last year.   We were travelling to the same place to catch a flight in different directions,  when I saw her again in the ladies bathroom – she started to cry!   We had connected by her sharing her story!    I gently said she could do this!  Sometimes it is about one day, one hour. one minute at a time.  We need to be gentle with ourselves in any healing process- time and understanding usually are key ingredients.

Take time to share your story,  love comes in many ways to us….  Also, by allowing people to share their story you are telling them you have time and space to listen.

Have a wonderful day and here are some amazing nature shots.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting