POWER OF CONNECTION- Build your successful habits today!

Have you ever tried to set a goal and feel like you have failed?  You must understand there is a science behind success and it is not only about you and your efforts.

Yes this video is long -5 min- I apologize (that is the Canadian way) –   as a paddler, and lover of kindness and giving, I believe information is power.  I can show you a way that can help you achieve your goals and establish those life habits important to you.  YOU still need to do the work,  if today you feel alone in your journey or you simply are fearful of starting – I am here to tell you starting small and being open to having someone share in your success and a bit a motivational guidance is available.     (Maybe drinking more water, learning how to stand, tending to your garden, breathing exercises, meditation breaks, walking  are habits you are working on?  Your life = your goal)

Schedule it- Log it – Complete it – is the loop.   I ask you, what is wrong with giving it an 8 week try!    You will see the pattern loop- and feel a benefit by then.  When you get something that works- if you fall down, you have something to refer back to.   YOUR KNOWLEDGE of what works.

January is a goal setting month- stats show most people lose sight of their goal by week 3.    Let your awesomeness kick in and reach out to me if you want to get set up on a resource I use today that works.   No charge – other that you let me share some of your success stories to help people struggling to get started.

Sometimes things just need to be:  “For the People”  


Wishing health and wellness- mind, body and soul to you.

Danielle Pointon


Live Blue Consulting