Power of sharing your stories PART 2- Live Your Best Life

About 4 weeks ago I published a blog on the power of sharing stories.  Sometimes connecting to others gives a glimpse of what it takes to find the power within yourself to live your best life.

In conversation last week- someone asked me what I meant by “Your Best Life”?    I paused for a moment and asked them what brings you joy? What is something you do and time just disappears because you may be lost in that moment?  What fills your cup and makes you feel alive?  To me, the answers to those questions helps me live my best life.    What I find remarkable is many people find those questions  very hard to answer.

I am excited to share another story about someone else’s best life moment from a conversation last night, which brought me to tears in a good way!

I met a lady who works with the Dolphin Research Centre in Marathon, Florida.  An amazing lady with a lot of life experience.  We were talking about health and wellness and sharing professional stories when the conversation turned to how difficult is can be to find that connection piece in life especially when dealing with health hurdles.

She told me the most beautiful story about her son who was diagnosed with autism, and how life was  dealing with very serious communication barriers.  Yes I said “was” as in past tense.  Her story last night took me through where she works at the Dolphin Research Centre and the amazing creatures that dolphins are- we both digress for a moment to talk about their extraordinary way of communicating and pod family bonding.    As a family she and her husband introduced her son to the dolphins, wrapping them into his world of learning and bonding.  Spending time, teaching him their names, involving him in their schedules and how they communicate.  Developing such a tight bond of inspiration and connection.   This love and inspiration is how her boy learned how to speak his first words, and grew his confidence to build more words from there.   One of the dolphins names was his first word-a eternal bond for life and a mother and fathers dream come true.

I had such goosebumps, I asked if she had thought of writing a book to share her story.  I so hope she does.  While everyone’s recipe is a bit different, that connection piece tells it all right there of what it takes to reach a monumental life moment.  A parents love, a boy’s desire to learn and connect and dolphins as the inspiration:-)


I hope you enjoy my share- I thought it was a diamond.

My call to action is to challenge yourself to think about these 3 questions, and then build more of that into your life where you can.

  1. What brings you joy?
  2. When does time disappear for you because you get lost in the moment?
  3. What fills you cup and makes you feel alive?

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

If my dog could talk he would share all kinds of stories:-)