Senior Fitness Programming- Aging in all it’s beauty!

Aging Gracefully with Diabetes

Happy Friday-

Quality of life has a significant effect on physical health, independence and functional ability.

Quality of life encompasses the physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being of older adults.

For example put yourself in the shoes of someone who no longer feels capable of joining in on everyday activities because of hearing loss, vision loss, chronic illness’s, low energy – the list goes on and on.   Yes we have medical interventions and care teams – but many still find these resources not accessible.  Worries of injury from performing day to day activities become a reality.  I think we can agree quality of life can erode if left unchecked.  That’s why we must show empathy and caring at all costs- you absolutely cannot comment on someone’s life situation without walking in their well worn shoes of individual experience.

National Academy of Sports Medicine clearly outlines addressing barriers and putting effective safe programming for senior populations with an evidence based approach.

  1.  First we must determine what’s important to you and truly listen to ensure programming is addressing you as the person. Your life Vision.
  2. Developing consistent routines – turning your dreams and goals into reality – one baby step at a time.  Strategic micro and macro goal planning together.
  3. Believe – We are motivators- when your belief dips – your cheerleader steps in.
  4. Persistence- know this is an attribute to greatness and effectiveness- across the board.
  5. Learning- Providing feedback and consistent attention to an evolving program is necessary.  Life is never ending learning for us all.  How can you go further?  How can you feel more confident if you are afraid of missing a step and falling?  Where do you see yourself in 1 year and 5 years?

Fun Fact- In adults over 80- you can double muscle strength in as little as 10 weeks.    How much confidence do you think that can give someone!

We want you to experience the beauty in your life!


I leave this life reflexion with you for this Friday:

“If you give the ocean something breakable- it will turn it into something beautiful”

Aging Gracefully with Diabetes
Your best life

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting