Sleep – Oh what a feeling!

As incredible as it can feel to challenge ourselves and get that heart rate up-  it is important to realize Sleep is a critical component in recovery.  Get those 💤😊

It’s helpful to view sleep as a “reset”- it is commonly understood in three stages:

1- Shallow

2- Deep (slow-wave)

3- Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

About every 90 minutes we cycle through these stages.  Slow-wave sleep gives us our energy restoration.  There you have it- power in waves……..

If you need tips on a best sleep routine- here are a few:


1- Have a black out room- minimize all light.

2- Park your electronic devices in another room.

3- Sleep naked

4- Try going to bed the same time every night.

5- Avoid Caffeine at nighttime.

6- Avoid Alcohol 3 hours before bed.

7.  Exercise morning rather than late night.

8.  Get a comfortable bed:-)

Avoid at all cost sleep deprivation!  Your next day will find you bright eyed and bushy tailed!


Happy Dreams……









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