Topic of Gratitude and Swimming a great activity for all ages!

Happy Friday,

As things open up and restrictions ease, I could not help but notice the activity in a local pool.  When seasons shift especially in the Northern Hemisphere- we battle with very dark mornings and dark evenings earlier.    Temperatures are plummeting and ice is starting to form.   For me that signals the beginning of a lifestyle change for the next upcoming months to work on my goals- what does it mean for you?   Do you plan your days different or perhaps embrace new activities?  Did you know if you have Prediabetes or Diabetes Type 2 – incorporating swimming activities is a great activity to help with blood glucose management.

I could not help but notice the number of seniors taking aquafit classes,  seeing how much children loved the water in the kiddie pool and fitness enthusiasts talking about how great it is to get back into the routine of indoor pool activity.

Swimming is awesome cardio, strength and super great for your joints- changes in activity  modalities is key for keeping interest and making it fun.   You muscles (Brain and Body) with thank you for it.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you live in USA- Happy Thanksgiving.

Remember your gratitude this time of year!

We lost my mother 4 years ago this week,  she passed away at 65 of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  At her celebration we played a special Christmas carol and recently as a total surprise I attended a concert at the Grand Ole Oprey where Carrie Underwood sang the same  carol we played – she was pretaping a Christmas Segment for a US Military special.   It was one of those moments you stand there hoping to not totally fall apart (didn’t work a box of tissues would not have been enough)  and just embrace the moment of complete coincidence and wonder how some things can just play out that perfect.

Thank you Carrie!

Here is a picture of her on stage looking like a Christmas Bell!

Danielle Pointon

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