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Avoid Overthinking and Perfectionism – Just Start….

Last week I wrote about the effects fluctuating hormones have on our body and brain, and how physical activity can help balance that out.   Also, I wrote about not overthinking about how you move in your day, as long as you do it.     Have you ever watch Golden Girls?  This has to be the […]

Monday Motivation- Diabetes and your A1C

This is how diet and exercise alone helped one person!   Many people experience stress and anxiety over getting their sugar and A1c results- when it turns in a positive direction I promise you it will be full of joy and pride. Happy Monday!

Home gym – what do you really need?

Good Monday Morning!  Have you wondered just how much you need to invest to have a home gym that will give you the diversity for Cardio/Resistance/Flexibility and Core workouts? Secondly how much square footage is enough? I am here to tell you – you do not need to conform to any set of standards- because […]

Your Best Life- Avoid Comparison Trap!

What is beauty?    Everyone will have a different answer based on their life experience!   For me I don’t mind sharing with you I think beauty is in strength and nature.   You see what we all need to remember is no one knows you like you know yourself!   Your beliefs, values, inspirations […]