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Avoid Overthinking and Perfectionism – Just Start….

Last week I wrote about the effects fluctuating hormones have on our body and brain, and how physical activity can help balance that out.   Also, I wrote about not overthinking about how you move in your day, as long as you do it.     Have you ever watch Golden Girls?  This has to be the […]

Whoop- Improve Your Health

Happy FRIYAY!   I can appreciate that some may be experiencing some very challenging times!   A lotta curve balls lately…… I am sharing a link to a presentation I watched this week – Will Ahmed and his Wellness Tracker WHOOP! If tracker technology engages you and inspires you to shift lifestyle habits based on […]

Friday Wellness Tip!

Wishing you my reader a fantastic Friday! If you feel overwhelmed with so many things out of your control, there are!  It’s a fact. Just Breathe…….. If you feel unsure of your future, you are among many- not few….. Your not alone. Just Breathe……….. Are your relationships changing with added stress- its okay what is […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Inspired by my Paddle Monster training – At 7 pm tonight I am launching my 30 day Choose to Challenge- Healthy Habits to step into Spring! Information in my todays zoom presentation “The Science of Changing Habits-Transtheoretical Therory-TTM”  will be uploaded for viewing today.   Have an amazing day!   Danielle Pointon Live Blue Consulting […]

Inspire with “I CARE” – Wellness care packages

People never forget how you make them feel- It’s human nature! Frequent employee appreciation produces the strongest employee engagement. R.I.S.E – fostering cultures of appreciation. “I CARE❤️” by Live Blue Consulting Healthy mind and body, thank- you care packages. #wellnessatwork #employeeengagement  

Monday Motivation- Part 3 Booty Burn

Micro Movement Sets- Part 3 – Booty Burn 2 Minutes Easy- 2 Moves # 1- Run on spot- 30 seconds #2- Sumo Squat- 30 seconds Repeat- no rest on this one for full 2 minutes. This will raise your heartrate/improve cardiovascular endurance/ help with speed and mobility as well as isolation in your sumo squat.

Managing Anxiety with Exercise!

In todays world many are being challenged like never before with overload!    Thoughts, feelings, technology, fear of future and the list goes on and on!    Biggest lesson I learned was letting go of things I just cannot control- folks that is our world right now! NASM article on Managing Anxiety with Exercise. AFM_Fall19_CEU_Corner […]

Do you know what the Dawn Phenomenon is?

Are you noticing that your blood glucose is highest in the morning when you wake up and you haven’t even had anything to eat yet? Don’t worry! This is a very common effect known as the dawn phenomenon. Let’s take a look at the science behind this phenomenon and explore strategies to help you reduce […]

A Golden rule for creating sustainable Habits!

Happy Thursday- I hope you spent your Remembrance Day the way you wanted to- honouring those who gave so much!   Covid 19 may have put restrictions on physical location but it does not stop how you feel and choose to pay respect! So what is a Golden Rule when you are trying to adopt […]

The importance of resilience when living your best life!

Michael Jordon ”I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.  I’ve lost almost 300 games.  Twenty-six times i’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed! I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Your best life will mean having resilience to continue […]