Take time to be a kid….

Do you remember that fearless sense of adventure you had when you were a kid?   A lot of that is because we simply have not weathered life’s storms!   There is something decadent in the “innocence” of youth and seeing and doing things for the first time.

A life mantra of mine is to keep things fresh – meaning new experience and outside!

These habits can keep us young!

Do you find it’s hard to build habits that can keep you feeling energized, full of life and good for your health?   You would not be alone…


There are a lot of theories about how long it takes to build a habit,  I have read a lot about 66 days.   Quite frankly,  I am inclined to believe every person is a bit different.

If you would like more information on ways to help build better health habits, give 30 minutes to yourself.   I can show you a resource that could help connect you to achieving your goal.  Through my journey I know,  it is a completely personal decision one must make for themselves.  If you are struggling  with managing a chronic illness or mental health- your best choice is to take action on self care.

Best wishes in your health journey as you lead into 2023.

A few pictures of me last month as I try to keep sport, play and family in my life!  Especially when shit is hitting the fan- activity can help.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting