Embacing Weather? The groundhog did not lie!

It’s Friday!

Another snowstorm- over 20cm in Nova Scotia.  There is no shortage of exercise between, shoveling and scraping.   Even walking takes so much more energy as you plow through the banks! The groundhog did his prediction right for 2022.

This month is my Les Mills challenge every morning (dance, shabam and all things cardio)- I have to say I love them.    The dog however does not,  loud music and bouncing around is not his cup of java.

Our local park had massive amounts of fluffy snow today ( see picture) and the windchill was close to -20.    I don’t think your average Floridian could handle that.  One pair of gloves was not enough.

Speaking of java-this week I was researching the effects, pros and cons of Coffee and suggested amounts- so I thought I would put the theories to the test-  I have been a coffee drinker for years and love quality coffee.  I want to see how my system operates without caffeine.   I am now a week into no coffee or caffeine products.  I have to say- no issues so far, other than slight energy reduction.    I have since added more greens, fruit and water.   So far so good.

How can you challenge yourself?  It’s fun to  experiment – you may uncover a truly positive effect! You don’t know until you try.    Caffeine  for me can act as a performance enhancer,  if I have  the right amount-sometimes in winter months I can overdo it and that is why this was my choosen challenge.  Stay tuned!

Have a super Friday!

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

ps- This morning trail!