The importance of an annual eye exam if you have Diabetes! Dr. Sue discusses….


Dr. Sue talks about eye health this week if you have Diabetes!

Today a reminder to have your eyes checked annually if you have been diagnosed with Diabetes.

Plus – Good Book Alert- Learn about the Plateau of Latent Potential!


A side note about motivation and visualization on this chilly Sunday morning in Nova Scotia.  Understand  finding motivation can be difficult with big weather swings!  I look at it this way,  in my coaching we focus on Visualization.   Example; if you have a system to reach a certain result- program your mind to see yourself achieving what you want (desired outcome).  Imagine how you will feel and what that progress will mean to you.   Boil it down to a micro step in your day – visualize yourself completing that bit of physical activity on a rainy or windy day and take stock of what went right or wrong with whatever your doing- make adjustments.   Finding the motivation in smaller incremental activities- is what leads to monumental growth long term.

Quick snip of information from 8 time world champion in F1 – Lewis Hamilton this week.   2022 season is off to a difficult start with new Car changes and the Mercedes team needs to remain focused on building that system to achieve desired result.   Read how Lewis responds  to a reporter this week on the challenges:

It’s a journey, they make calculations and undergo trial and error for ultimate growth.

Find what motivates you and visualize your success to live your best life!



Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

(pic from my Thurs paddle)