The Importance of Rest and Recovery!

Happy Sunday!   Sunday is usually a  day of rest and recovery for me.    Do you at times feel burnt out and energyless?   It’s super important we build rest into our lifestyle routines.  If you work out a lot, your muscles need time to repair themselves!  If you work in a stressful career, your mind needs a break from both technology and stress and so on.

On my recovery days, I fill myself with extra protein and potassium.  Anything to replenish energy stores and build again.   Water and hydration is also really important- I really have to work on that goal.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday, and as a reminder a 6 week Diabetes Lifestyle sessions will start July 5th.  Every Monday 1 Hour.   Major focus on Exercise component for beginners.  Email to sign up

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting



Here are a couple pics taken today with our 4 legged noise makers (I say this with love) !  My Daughter and her boyfriend’s dog (Cane Corso- is 6 months old and already 70 lbs. )

PSS – Should out Happy Birthday too Boo!