The link between Physical Activity, Hormonal changes and Brain Health

Are you a woman and experiencing hormonal changes?   Trust me on this one, if you are struggling to find the time to add a bit a physical activity into your day-you will want to find the time.   Your brain health (reward system) will thank you and amaze you.

Did you know as a woman your  hormones continually shift?  This influences our brain health.  Exercise is soooo important because it can tone down the negative consequence, and help us balance our system, not to mention it is a natural remedy.

The average women will have 400-500 menstral cycles in a life (spanning 4-7 days each time)  – yes that is about 9 years overall….  (This alone I think gives us the right to be called superwomen at times)  The below are some common side effects,  and approximatly 75% will suffer some form of a premenstral distress, thanks to hormonomal shifts…..

  • 14 percent will miss school or work
  • Experience lack of focus
  • Experience swelling
  • Experience mood swings
  • Experience aggression

To live our best life we have to listen to our body and come up with solutions to help us manage these times of discomfort- which means preventative solutions like physical moving into our life routines.

As I sit here listening to Carrie Underwood on a Sunday morning – I have enjoyed a day of rest my body and brain (yes brain) needed.  This is also a necessary ingredient.

Would you like to incorporate a bit more physical activity into your daily life?  Do you need an accountability partner?   I offer a NO CHARGE – service for people with your wants.  This is to help you set goals and establish new habits that you feel are important for YOU.   You will be the person that ultimatley does the work- yes thats right!   I  just help by showing you and connecting you to tools.  The bonus for me – is I get to meet a lot of amazing people just wanting to do better for themselves as a personal choice.    Yes it really is no charge – it does however require your work:-)

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xoxo-our best health and outcomes

Danielle Pointon

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PS- Here are some pictures- being active my way or rather “Living my Blue”- on this beautiful planet.