There is magic in “movement”

Happy Wednesday-I heard on the radio this morning one of those crazy studies- apparently the average first “smile” of the day is at 11am.   I do not believe that can be true- if it is, there is a serious problem.

Now- if you wake in the morning to stiff joints, motion that is not so easy because of chronic conditions that give you a physical pain, I do understand how hard motion can be.

With that said there is magic in movement, the human body is quite a miracle and so is our brain.    There are rewards when we engage in  physical activity on a regular basis.   I am not necessarily talking about exercise programs- that has a different definition.  I am simply talking about the activities that get your joints moving, improving ranges of motion in your daily life.  It could be gardening, housework, walking etc…  The list is never ending.   If you notice your heartbeat it beating a little faster or you have sweat on your brow!  Your cardiovascular system will thank you for it.

Here are pics of my morning motion this week!

Your best life!

Danielle Pointon AKA Dani

Live Blue Consulting