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Did you know each workout you do will cause some physical damage to your muscles, you ultimately end up stronger, faster and better, and your body responds to releasing fewer stress hormones during subsequent workouts.  Similarly, when you practice using relaxation techniques to control your mental stress levels, your mind learns to reduce your body’s sympathetic stimulation as well.  The more consistently you practice relaxation, the easier it is to avoid eliciting a strong stress response when “life happens” the next time.  During recovery, your parasympathetic nervous system keeps your heart rate low and digestion high, so it is no wonder that a warm shower, a big meal and a long nap after a big workout make you feel on top of the world and relaxed.  You are in an anabolic (building and repairing) state then and your glycogen is being resorted while your muscles are being repaired and strengthened.

A common challenge those who live with Diabetes have with exercise is learning to be flexible and accepting of things that won’t always go the way they anticipated-the best efforts can still result in challenges with glucose control.  Being willing to experiment and not being hard on yourself when your glucose levels are not where you want them to be is crucial to your willingness to keep trying and experimenting.  Your workout is not pointless if you have to eat extra calories afterwards to overcome low glucose.  The Cardiovascular, mental release, and so much more are still incredibly beneficial.  Never negate your efforts.

Source information-The Athlete’s guide to Diabetes- Dr. Sheri Colberg

My 4th episode of Silver Sneakers- Longevity secrets to maximize your years having fun in the process of cultivating your life Odyssey.

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