Uncovering your best life journey!

Do you have a physical activity or sport in your life today where time passes easy and leaves you wanting more, you feel connected and inspired?   My hope for everyone is that the answer is “yes”….  If not- it is time you explore.  I promise you, it is the best journey you will ever have.

I believe that when you truly love doing an activity or sport you shine from the inside out, I also believe it is contagious when you share that love.   A couple years ago with Live Blue Consulting, I started doing fundraising events for JDRF  (I need to start planning one for this year:).    In the Green Kayak, is a child who is diagnosed with TYPE 1 Diabetes (picture is blurry as I did not want to show his face) – we had a super amazing day, the water connects us all in so many ways.

The picture below with all the SUP’s and boats is a US event I attend once a year- training starts this time of year for many of us- time passes easy.    We are all like kids in a candy store when we see this many water vessels –  a shared passion and love of all things nature.

If you have a bit of a fear when you are tackling your goals- I believe this is a good thing, it means your growing into your best self.    Have fun and never stop discovering your best self.    The picture below where you see the white tip of my ski- I am waiting for a race start in a strong current- energy was high with all of us:-)   The start of any season is exciting.  And- time passes easy!


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

Your Best Life