Update – Bluezones – 4 week plan and Podcast

This one was too good not to share.

First- we are experiencing the March Melt! Here is this mornings shot by the lake as we were able to get out.

I did a segment last year on the worlds longest living people – as shared by Dan Buettner and National Geographic called Blue Zones.  A recent podcast ” attached at the bottom” highlights some of the strategies that people have adapted into their lifestyle without building known “habits” as such- they just do it without thinking about it.  It’s more of a lifestyle by design-  that creates years in longevity with virtually no chronic disease.   I know right!   Sign me up please…..

Here are a few takeaways from people who live in Blue Zone areas:

  1.  There is virtually no sugary drinks/pop/chips/packaged or processed foods in their diets.  Through decades of family secrets, they have perfected cooking with spices, herbs and veggies that are locally growth- so they taste awesome and are loaded in nutrients.
  2. There is solid community companionship- being lonely is not something known to these people! Rich in community and social experiences.   Being alone takes years off your life.
  3. They walk everywhere to do their errands- and those who constantly walked with hillier inclines actually had even longer life spans- i suspect due to enhanced cardiovascular effort.
  4. Their life is designed around movement- to encourage it.  That is why in the modern day build environments- you will hear a lot in the design process of creating opportunity to move.   That is the design build.
  5. Like minded people- enjoying simplicity.  These are not rich people in $$ but rich in spirit and culture.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Zones-Challenge-4-Week-Longer/dp/1426221940


One of the ways I put something into action after listing to this podcast was to move my home office work stuff- so I would have to intentionally take it out and put it away.  Small changes add up.


Top tip- in Nova Scotia – our gas prices reached plus $1.80 a litre-  if your looking to offset this rise in your household expenses- one way you can do it right now is to look at trying out substitutions in your grocery bill.  If you are a higher meat household- maybe try substituting in plant friendly meals once or twice a week.    Mine in a lentil curry…..


Be well! Happy International Women’s day


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting