Welcome Spring Equinox

There is no better time to start enjoying the outdoors more than this time of year.

I conversed quickly via a social media platform with Blue Zones – Dan Buettner this week, his work struck me 2 years ago in my own research.  As well with Dr. Peter Rawlek- founder of Gogetfit technology-who created an APP  based on behaviour change science for users to build self efficacy and sustainable lifestyle habits ultimately aimed at improving things like long term health and reduced risk of chronic illness in our populations. This technology can build a community around a user for support while building best practices in our self care management routines.

If your a doctor with a steady patient stream who needs to address physical activity levels with your patients-this technology will give you visibility, metrics and so much more for your practice.   It is so streamlined- you can review your call to actions once a week in just minutes.  That’s because the design work has been completed by the medical community and linked to programmers that could bring it to life!

Both these gentlemen underscrore how important it is to adapt our environments around us to create lifestyle enriching movement naturally.   If you think of movement is medicine,  the design and planning processes of communities, cities and built environments are intuitively designing spaces around the optimization of movement.  We ourselves should be finding the ways for creation of movement as well- and recognize we all need a bit of help.  Collaboration is at our fingertips for our generation and future generations for better learned behaviors.

I work in a home office, so nature is my playground.  Here are some beautiful captures of this week.