Whoop- Improve Your Health

Happy FRIYAY!   I can appreciate that some may be experiencing some very challenging times!   A lotta curve balls lately……

I am sharing a link to a presentation I watched this week – Will Ahmed and his Wellness Tracker WHOOP!

If tracker technology engages you and inspires you to shift lifestyle habits based on your generated physical health reports, this could be your game changer?  Remember we cannot change what we do not measure:-)

This is the Chief Mate giving Captains information for consideration;-)  Its an interesting option, but do your research- many top athletes and executives are using Whoop!   Another interesting fact is it has been a Covid 19 indicator for some – as it basically can act as an EKG and measures number of breaths you take while sleeping.  Changes in respiratory data signals a probable red light for medical follow up.

Happy Mothers Day Weekend❤️


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

Ps.. Contact us if you have any questions on self management of your lifestyle.   Prediabetes, Diabetes Type 2,  Weight Management!   We are here to help:-)


Pss. Today’s Exercise  Stat-Blood Glucose

Today my starting BG was 5.4 MMOL/L measured at 6:30 am- Post 7.44 Mile run/Jog it was 4.4 MMOL/L…   I personally do Low GI fueling.  Its all about incorporating movement that helps me:-)