Women don’t need more rules to live by.

A very important part of Live Blue Consulting surrounds women’s health.   Statistically speaking when it comes to people who seek out assistance with their lifestyle goals – it is usually women.   Physiological day to day realities for women – are  rarely discussed in standard personal training practices.     If you add in a chronic illness such as Diabetes into the fold – exercise can feel overwhelming and seem complicated.     I am hear to tell you it does not need to be- I promise you it can feel as great as the warm sunshine on your skin-Your Best Life comes with some work but you are worth it,   elements I always consider:

  1. Guiding and collaborating with you on your goals.
  2. Long-term sustainable lifestyle changes.
  3. Building trust.
  4. Above all – Respect.
  5. Discretion.
  6. Helping to Build Confidence.
  7. Eliminate destructive self-talk.
  8. Achieve success with you.

You are beautiful- show your colours:-)

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting




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