Women’s Health -The Ripple Effect

Happy Friyay!

Women supporting other women is a habit, pure and simple!  Like any other type of habit it’s practiced on a regular basis.   As Molly Gailbraith would say in her book Strong Women!

At Live Blue Consulting we discuss a lot about mindset and habits and also life!  Because that my friends is what we are living.   We owe it to ourselves to find the recipe we need to cultivate our happiness.  When I talk about habits many people will speak of finding the same time every day or journaling etc.  These are all great things.  With that said there is a deeper connection to habits and feeling accomplished within yourself.   For example, we all know our days are ever-evolving and shifting, sometimes life dictates other on the spot priorities.   I personally love to mix up my routines.   (As my dog sits here and stares at me, ready for a mid-day refresher break!)   It’s lunchtime in Nova Scotia as I write this.

When we take small but regular action, we build momentum and gain practice in developing new habits.  Also, self-trust and courage as Molly states in her book.  Small actions have an exponential impact.

The power of the Ripple Effect in action:

Think of the ripple effect like a candle.   A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.   Every small action we make cascades, giving more and more power to that positive action to benefit the greater good.

This week I will send a copy of this book to another woman who I was inspired by on the other side of Canada.  After a crippling medical emergency, she overcame the odds with a major lifestyle transformation!   Yes,  I could just send an ebook!   But my hard copy of the book has notes and truthfully,  there is something special about holding a book and the feel of it.   Hopefully, this book becomes well-traveled because the intent is for one women to pass onto another and another and another and another (nuff said).  The ripple effect in action to inspire.


Sending Love and Inspiration this Friday to the women needing a lift up,


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting