Your Best Life-Attributes and hidden drivers of performance.

Happy Friday- Often when we think of the things we want to accomplish in life – large scale, it can be overwhelming.   That’s why we must make small micro step plans of action that will propel us in the right direction.  Example-Like a summit mountain climb,  when you scale it there are times you will go up, across, sometime down to course correct -basically whatever you need to do – accessing the conditions/obstacles you are presented with.   On Disney Plus- watch Everest- a climber with Diabetes- talkes about his journey, struggles and gains in a real time climb.  This is not a task for the weak of mind.  Anyone living witb Diabetes will tell you,   managing blood glucose daily can sometimes feel like climbing a summit everyday.

Which brings me to an awesome book – largley it is about trust in yourself and others.

Last week i spoke of the book Legacy- James Kerr.  This week I want to introduce you to an outstanding book called “The Attributes”.

A 20 year Navy officer and Seal talkes about hidden drivers to optimize performance.

First-let me tell you there has been times in my own life when I have chosen the path most difficult because it aligned with my values.  My hypothetical own Everest.  We all have these!

Our attributes that we develop in both business and  life are closely intertwined and help us reach our goals.  There are many times I evaluate my own progress and determine if I am in listen, learn or lead mode.  You have to prepare for setbacks.  Anytime I am doing something new – I watch, observe the situation and listen.   I don’t feel a need to speak until informed or I am questioning.    Remember- Quiet does not always mean shy or introverted- it also means establishing a mindful approach to learning.  Its situational.


Sneak Peak

1. Dynamic Subordination-In a high performance team,  leadership shifts to wherever, and whomever, the leader needs to be at any given moment.  Essentially adapting and changing to your environment that is ever changing.

Have an awesome Friday,  here is a pic of my hike  this week.  It was the first time this summer at an awesome location in Nova Scotia called Cape Split.


Danielle Pointon

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