Your Best Life- Avoid Comparison Trap!

What is beauty?    Everyone will have a different answer based on their life experience!   For me I don’t mind sharing with you I think beauty is in strength and nature.   You see what we all need to remember is no one knows you like you know yourself!   Your beliefs, values, inspirations and imperfections!   Have you ever had someone or a group of people try to subliminally coach or try to teach you a lesson based on what their perceptions are!   Ie.  Change you when they don’t even know you!      I have attached a survey,  you will not believe the statistics on why many women loose interest or do not participate in their own health and wellness- it is from an experience of hurt that demotivated them!   In a nutshell, if you are searching for a coach and trainer especially if you are a women – it is proven a personal connection needs to be there, you need to feel safe and inspired to reach your goals.


  1.  79-85% of Youth and Women opt out of life events from body image issues!
  2. 86% felt discouraged from their hired trainer that they would not reach their goals.
  3. 68% did not feel safe in their environment.
  4. 21% removed themselves from the fitness world from a bad experience.

For more information on the source information, please click below.


Your Best Life- will include embracing who you are, not what someone thinks you should be.   If you are self motivated that is great, if you need some assistance with a trainer, interview them for a fit with you and your goals.   After all you are the captain of your ship, anyone else can be viewed as a navigator to help you a achieve or go where you plan to in this life.    No shortcuts- Hard work- Never Compare!   Your worth it with who you are today, so let’s change these statistics.

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