YOUR Best Life! Tip of week: Walker Webcast

I am a huge fan of the strategy -surround yourself with the people and information that will propell you in your life mission! “Your Best Life” Take note: these are the people that usually challenge mediocrity on a daily basis! (Did you watch the movie King Richard? This movie screams rising to a challenge as Venus and Serena Williams father fights for their future)

If you are someone who is challenging the norm or mediocrity threshold in everyday life to better yourselF, you are already winning. When you meet resistance-which you will, remember your mission! Pretend you are a Navy Seal – when you achieve your goal and your hard work is finally noticed, you will already be on your next goal or mission that supports where you want to go in life.

Tip-If you are looking for inspiration- I love the Walker and Dunlop webcasts- Willy covers a range of topics but they are always informative and full of life nuggets (the topics vary). In essence, it is never easy but always worth while.

During covid Pandemic- when I could not surround myself with people- I found amazing media content.–with-jim-courier-tennis-hall-of-famer

Have a great weekend! I am waiting for the day I can be back on the lake. Today we are fighting a snow and rain Nor’easter- shovelled snow about a foot deep:-)

Danielle Pointon
Live Blue Consulting